This booklet was written as an introduction to the subject of Transsexualism. It includes a summary of current medical and scientific opinion about the condition, as well as observations on how it feels to actually be a transsexual woman.

The booklet is based very strongly on the author's own personal experiences as a transsexual woman, and therefore some other transsexuals may well choose to disagree with some of my opinions and observations. Likewise, the medical part of the booklet represents my understanding of the 'best consensus' of current medical and scientific opinion. Research is ongoing into many aspects of human gender and sexuality, particularly regarding genetics and neurophysiology. Contrary opinions are held by some researchers, and new information is appearing all the time.

This booklet deals only with male-to-female transsexualism. This is in no way meant as a slight to the female-to-male community, but as I am a male-to-female transsexual, I do not feel qualified to write about female-to-male transsexualism, although it is of course a closely related phenomenon.

For more in-depth technical or medical information, please refer to the considerable existing literature around the subject. This booklet was written as a general introduction for those seeking to understand the condition and its social and personal consequences, and is not meant in any way to replace such specialist material.

I would like to dedicate this booklet to all the people, both friends and professionals, who have helped me through my own gender change. And to all those who seek to understand and to help those of us who are transsexual, I offer my sincere thanks.

This booklet is subject to Copyright (1995/6). It may be copied unchanged in its entirety and distributed for any non-commercial purpose promoting the understanding and well-being of transsexual people. No part of the booklet may be copied for any other purpose without the author's permission.

1 Introduction

The Primer was last revised in 1996. Sadly now The Looking Glass Society is no longer active, and their specified copyright does not allow for editing and updating of their original documentation. Any errors, corrections or updates of which I am aware will be will be indicated by a numbered link within the document, and referenced in the Addendum at the end. If you know of any inaccuracy, or relevent update please



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