Being Different

Many people find the gender assigned to them by society, be it male or female, doesn't match how they feel about themselves, and their own self image. They may self-define as transgender, polygender, transsexual or one of the growing number of names for those who choose to break away from society's dualistic view of gender. However they may wish to face the world, being different can be a daunting task, and a little guidance may be helpful.

Featured Articles

A Genderqueer FAQ
The following is an article, originally hosted here, but now no longer available. It provides a basic guide to understanding those of us who don't fit in with society's definition of gender.
Transsexualism: A Primer
Last updated in August 1996, this article was written as an introduction to the subject of Transsexualism.
Transsexualism: A Medical Overview
Last updated in March 1998, this article was written as a summary of current practice for the medical treatment of male-to-female transsexuals.
Useful resources for the Trans person, as well as banners should you wish to link back here
Reference and fiction books about trans issues or based on trans themes

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